We are now in the full swing of mowing season, so it’s a good time to make sure your company has the equipment it needs. MTE is the #1 Ventrac dealer in the world, and we are ready to get your company set up with the best compact tractor for all your landscaping needs. The 4520 series is compact, intuitive to use, versatile, reliable, and most importantly, effective. Ventrac’s 4520 series of tractors is the jack of all trades for landscape, hardscape, and lawn/turf care work. Get the equipment designed to make your work easier.


The 4520 series is designed to have a light impact on turf and soil and handle the toughest mowing jobs. The 4520 series can handle slopes up to 30 degrees (58% grade) thanks to the articulating and oscillating frame, all-wheel hydrostatic drive, downhill braking and reversing, exceptional weight distribution and low center of gravity and an innovative weight transfer system.

Ventrac has mowing attachments for every situation from fine turf on golf courses to brush clearing. Ventrac offers reel mowers, contour mowers, flail mowers, brush mowers, boom mowers, and wide area mowers with a 95” cutting width. Even a vacuum attachment for the perfect cleanup every time! Combined with an estimated 5 hours of mowing time, the 4520s won’t waste your time with constant refilling, while also getting into places a standard riding mower would have trouble with.

Check out the full line of Ventrac mowing attachments for more details.

68” Brush Mower

83” Contour Mower

74” Reel Mower

95” Wide Area Mower

60” Finish Mower

72” Finish Mower Side Discharge

72” Finish Mower Rear Discharge

56” Fast Cut Flail Mower

72” Fast Cut Flail Mower

56” Fine Cut Flail Mower

72” Fine Cut Flail Mower

Boom Mower

Vacuum Attachment

Turf/Lawn Care

Ventrac’s attachments don’t just stop at mowers. They also have aerators, aerators with seeders, sod cutters, edgers, ballpark groomers, ballpark renovators, and spreader seeders. It doesn’t matter what job you’re thinking about taking on, there’s an attachment to help lighten the load. Expand the types of contracts your company can take by equipping yourself with reliable, easy to maintain tractor attachments.

Check out the full line of Ventrac turf maintenance and specialty attachments.


24” Sod Cutter

Open Spoon Tine 48” Aerator

Splitter/Slicer Tine 48” Aerator

Core Tine 48” Aerator

60” Aerator with Seeder

56” Ballpark Renovator

56” Ballpark Groomer


Doing a complete overhaul? Ventrac has you covered. Whether you need a stump grinder, soil cultivator, tiller, power rake, landscape rake, trencher, a power bucket, or loader, you can get the job done quickly and efficiently without worrying about anyone throwing their back out. Does the job site have a long narrow pathway you can’t get your skid loader or other heavy equipment through? The 4520 has a minimum width of 48.5” with a 45” wheelbase so you can transport heavy debris without destroying a client’s yard or using a convoy of wheelbarrows.           


48” Tiller

Stump Grinder

48” Loader

48” Power Bucket

Power Bucket with Grapple

63.5” Power Rake

Landscape Rake

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