State Contracts and Cooperative Buying Contracts

At MTE Equipment Solutions, we specialize in providing top-notch equipment solutions tailored to the needs of government agencies and cooperative purchasing groups. When you choose MTE Equipment Solutions, you gain access to our extensive range of high-quality machinery and equipment for various industries, backed by our exceptional service and expertise.

The state contracts ensure streamlined procurement processes, allowing government entities to acquire the best equipment for their specific requirements. Cooperative buying contracts offer cost-effective solutions that enable multiple organizations to pool their purchasing power, driving efficiency and maximizing value.

As your chosen equipment provider, we are committed to delivering exceptional products from leading manufacturers, ensuring reliability, durability, and performance. From heavy machinery to specialized tools, we offer a comprehensive selection that caters to diverse applications.

Sourcewell Cooperative Buying Contracts

Schools, universities, nonprofits, and government agencies can quickly and easily register to participate in Sourcewell for free. There are no fees to use their contracts, no commitment, and no obligation to purchase—and the online registration takes just a few minutes.

Cushman (Textron): Contract #122220-JCS-1

E-Z-GO (Textron): Contract #122220-JCS 

Giant (Tobroco): Contract #020223-TBO

Gravely (Ariens): Ariens: Contract 031121-ACO | Sourcewell ( Contract #031121-ACO

Ventrac (Toro): Toro: Contract 031121-TTC | Sourcewell ( Contract #031121_TTC


Omnia Partners

OPUS is the only free ecommerce platform that provides public sector and nonprofit agencies access to hundreds of cooperative contracts across all major categories.

Jacobsen (Textron): Contract Number: 20470: Tractors, Mowers, and Other Equipment, Parts, and Services

Cushman (Textron): Contract Number: 20470: Tractors, Mowers, and Other Equipment, Parts, and Services

E-Z-GO (Textron): Contract Number: 20470: Tractors, Mowers, and Other Equipment, Parts, and Services


State Contracts

Connecticut: CTsource

Massachusetts: State Contract #FAC116 | Vendor Code #VC0000522188

New Jersey: Grounds Equipment Bid #ESCNJ 22/23-12

Rhode Island: MPA 506: Seasonal Equipment, Purchase, Maintenance, and Repair

Vermont: State Contract for Ventrac Mowers: Contract #41687



New York State has Piggybacking laws which allow a person or group to copy an existing public entity contract to receive the same services at the same or lower price.


Discover the benefits of partnering with MTE Equipment Solutions Inc for your state and cooperative buying contracts. We pride ourselves on delivering superior equipment solutions, exceptional customer service, and industry expertise that exceed expectations. Contact us today to explore how we can fulfill your equipment needs and help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

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