Cushman Equipment

More than 120 years after the first engine was shipped out of the Lincoln plant, Cushman is still providing dependable solutions for a variety of industries. Cushman vehicles are now manufactured by Textron Specialized Vehicles in Augusta, Georgia. With the resources of Textron Specialized Vehicles’ parent company, Textron, the Cushman brand continues to build on its reputation for delivering quality, heavy-duty industrial material carriers, dependable utility vehicles, and comfortable personnel transport vehicles.

Cushman® commercial and utility vehicles are known around the world for versatility, durability, and dependability. We offer a complete range of heavy-duty, industrial material-handling vehicles, comfortable personnel transport, and food & beverage vehicles. Efficient gas and electric models and an extensive list of options and accessories make Cushman the most versatile choice in utility vehicles. Cushman continues to push the boundaries to bring you vehicles that ensure you will never be outworked.

Do you need convenient and reliable transportation for your golf course, college campus, park, campground, public works, or any other location where cars are not allowed? Look no further than Cushman! A child company of Textron, Cushman has high quality, reliable, and customizable golf and utility carts for almost every use. Available with either EFI Gas or ELiTE Lithium-Ion batteries, these carts can handle just about anything you throw at them.