Electric Equipment

MTE Equipment Solutions has electric equipment from Cushman, Giant, Gravely, Jacobsen, and Smithco. These eco-friendly machines are designed to save you money, time, and effort. Electric machines have fewer parts than their hybrid and gas-operated counterparts, meaning you save time and money on maintenance. Long-lasting batteries let you get most of, a full day’s work done on a single charge, while fast charging capabilities keep them running for longer projects. Get the performance you expect with no emissions and super quiet operation. 

Featured Electric Equipment

Key Specifications:
  • ELiTE Lithium Drivetrain
  • 800-lb Vehicle Load Capacity
  • 400-lb Towing Capacity
  • 8.4-cu-ft Cargo Bed
  • 2-Passenger Seating
Jacobsen Eclipse 360 ELiTE
Key Specifications:
  • ELiTE Lithium-Ion Battery
  • No Hydraulics
  • Electronically Adjustable Cutting Frequency
  • 143,000 Square Feet Cutting Capacity
Giant G2200E
Key Specifications:
  • ELiTE Lithium Drivetrain
  • 1,200-lb Vehicle Load Capacity
  • 800-lb Towing Capacity
  • 15-cu-ft Cargo Bed
  • 2-Passenger Seating
Smithco. Sand Star E
Key Specifications:
  • 48V Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Dual Traction Pedal
  • 8 Hour Run Time on Full Charge
  • On-board Diagnostic System
Gravely Pro-Turn EV
Key Specifications:
  • FusionCore QuikSwap Battery System
  • 60″ Cutting Deck
  • Quiet, Eco-friendly Operation Without Sacrificing Performance
  •  8 Hour Run Time, Longer with Spare Batteries 
Cushman Stock Chaser Electric
Key Specifications:
  • 24V Electric Drivetrain: Efficient yet robust power.
  • 4- and 6-Step Ladder Options: Choose the height you need for the job.
  • 9.6-sq-ft Cargo Deck: Space for oversized loads.
  • Diamond-Plated Steel: Built to last.