Jacobsen LF510



For Sale 2017 LF550 4wd off lease and AS IS condition


The newest addition to Jacobsen’s legendary line of LF mowers, the LF510 provides superior quality-of-cut, fits the budget and is a simple Tier 4 Final emission regulation solution.

  • Features Jacobsen’s new TrueSet cutting units with Classic XP reels for fast bedknife-to-reel adjustment and industry-leading holding power to deliver a clean and consistent quality-of-cut.
  • The lightweight mower design distributes less than 10 psi of operating ground pressure on the turf.
  • Affordability from the start and through its life with 100 in. (2.54 m) of productivity and simplified maintenance including wet park brakes, an onboard control module, and easily accessible routine service items.
  • Powered by a rugged and reliable Kubota Tier 4 Final engine for simple emission compliance.
  • Type: Kubota® D1105E 3-cylinder, liquid cooled, low-emissions certified diesel
  • Rated Horsepower: 24.8 hp @ 3000 rpm
  • Emissions Level: EPA Tier 4 Final (EU Stage IIIA)
  • Displacement: 68.5 cu. in
  • Air Cleaner: Dry cartridge type with evacuator, valve and service indicator
  • Cooling System: Pressurized, sealed cooling system
  • Lubrication: Fully pressurized
  • Fuel Capacity: 17 gal.
  • Oil Filter Type: Full-flow, replacement spin-on type
  • Electrical System: 12 V starter; 40 amp alternator/regulator
Speed (Maximum)
  • Mowing: 8 mph
  • Transport: 10 mph
  • Reverse: 4 mph
Traction and Drive
  • Traction System: Variable displacement, hydrostatic pump with 2 high-torqued wheel motors; 4WD models: SureTrac™ parallel-cross-series traction system
  • Reel Drive: Gear pump with quick disconnect (FlashAttach) coupled reel motors, solenoid controlled mow valve; backlapping standard. Mow Speed Limiter: Foot Activated Lever
  • Hydraulic System: 14 gal. capacity; oil monitor with low-oil alarm standard
  • Reel Lift: Joystick control, one-touch lift/lower control for all five reels
  • Hydraulic Cooling: Hydraulic oil cooler; large-volume, full-flow 10 micron filter
Tires, Brakes, and Steering
  • Front Tires: 26.5 x 14.0-12 tubeless
  • Rear Tires: 20.0 x 10.0-8 tubeless
  • Brakes: Dynamic, through-traction system
  • Parking Brake: Automatic wet park brake integrated in front wheel motors; engage switch on control console
  • Ground Pressure: 10 psi
  • Steering: Rear-wheel, hydrostatic power steering
Reels and Blades
  • Number and Size: Five 5 in. diameter x 22 in
  • Number of Blades: 7 heavy section fairway blades
  • Cutting Frequency: 7 blade: 0.074 in./mph
  • Overall Cutting Width: 100 in.
  • Height-of-Cut Range (Depending on turf condition, reel wear and bedknife installed): 0.375-0.75 in. Available high-cut kit raises cutting height to 1.187 in.
  • Diagnotics: Onboard electronic control module with light-emitting diode display and alarms for aid in diagnostics.
  • Gauges: Fuel gauge, hour meter, and indicator warning lights: diagnostics list, glow plug indicator high engine coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, and battery voltage.
Weight and Dimensions
  • Weight with Reels Up: 2WD without ROPS: 2594 lbs.; 2WD with ROPS: 2738 lbs.; 4WD: 2818 lbs. All weights are with full fluids
  • Weight with Reels Down: 2WD without ROPS: 1969 lbs.; 2WD with ROPS: 2138 lbs.; 4WD: 2194 lbs. All weights are with full fluids, weight at tires for ground pressure
  • Length (less catchers): 108 in.
  • Height: 88 in. with ROPS; 58.7 in to top of steering wheel; ROPS optional for 2WD, application specific. 4WD: ROPS standard with seat belt.
  • Width: 115 in.; Transport: 87 in.

The LF510 2WD without ROPS is for use in specific applications on level ground with no potential of roll over. This unit is NOT for use on hills or slopes. Jacobsen recommends the use of a certified ROPS and seat belt in all instances where hills or slopes may be encountered – optional ROPS with seat belt kit required.

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