2020 Little Wonder Electric Double-Edge Hedge Trimmer 2420

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10 Times Stronger Than Steel

The first of its kind and crafted to be the finest in the world. When You Choose A Little Wonder Electric Hedge Trimmer, you’re plugged Into a lifetime of rugged, dependable performance.

    • Our blades are up to 10 times stronger than steel
    • Maintains a sharper edge that lasts 6-10 times longer
    • Maintains a clean cut at top speed through thick growth
    • 2700 cuts per minute
    • Cuts up to ½â€� growth
    • Stamped, thru-hardened high carbon tool steel blades maintain a sharp edge for longer periods of time. This means less downtime for maintenance
    • These blades last 6 to 10 times longer than other steel blades
    • Dual reciprocating blades for reduced vibration and heavier cuts
    • Cuts growth up to 1/2″ diameter
    • Precision sharpened blades shear new growth and established heavy growth at up to 2700 cuts per minute
    • Case hardened steel gears designed for 20% more cutting speed, durability and longer life
    • Angled gear teeth transmit greater torque for more power from the motor to the blades
    • Motor stops in less than 1/2 second if either switch is released. Meets or exceeds International Safety Standards.
    • Dual switch blade engagement increases user safety. The first of its kind in North America.
    • Double-insulated motor is ball bearing mounted. Top and bottom ball bearing mounts ensure smoother, cooler running and longer life. Also produces less friction for increased blade power.
    • Cord Management System molded into the rear handle, this hook keeps the extension cord from coming unplugged during operation.
    • Brush cap and gear case covers remove easily for maintenance. No need to separate the housing.
    • Ergonomic handle configuration shaped to your hands natural form, less fatiguing design, adjustable front handle, precision balanced, and light. Easier to use for longer periods of time.
    • 10dB reduction in sound pressure (volume the operator hears), 8dB reduction in the total noise level (amount put into environment).
    • Extra strong frame bar for years of use.
    • Blade Length (inches): 24
    • Blade Speed: 2700 Cuts Per Minute
    • Volts: 110
    • Amps: 4.5
    • Watts: 462.33
    • Weight (pounds): 8.8
    • Cutting Capacity: Up to 1/2″ Thick
    • Warranty: 2 Years

    All models available in 220v.

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