Ventrac MA900

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The new Ventrac Boom Mower is unquestionably the easiest and most productive boom mower in its class. Designed to deliver unprecedented levels of efficiency for property managers who want to maintain difficult areas with minimal labor, the Boom Mower has the stability and reach to manage vegetation further away from the machine than other equipment. With this new attachment, mowing around water features, trimming hedges, and clearing trails has never been so easy. Schedule your demo to see how the Ventrac Boom Mower will save you time and money.

  • Sales Model: MA900
  • Full Description: MA, MA900 Boom Mower
  • Product Type: Attachment
Cut Width
  • Cut Width: 39 in. Double Action Sickle Bar
Max. Flat Top Cut
  • Max. Flat Top Cut: 82 in.
Vertical Reach
  • Vertical Reach: 142 in. From Ground
Horizontal Reach
  • Horizontal Reach: 115 in. From Outside of Single Wheels
  • Horizontal Reach: 103 in. From Outside of Dual wheels
Head Angle Range
  • Head Angle Range: 90 deg. Vertical
  • Head Angle Range: 45 deg. Below Level
  • Head Angle Range: 135 deg. Total Range
Material Cut Diameter
  • Material Cut Diameter: -1/2 in.
Slope Ratings
  • Slope Ratings: 10 deg. with Single Wheels
  • Slope Ratings: 18 deg. with Dual Wheels
Accessory Options
  • 70.4104: KIT, 12V FRONT 4500
  • 70.4109: KIT, DUAL FRONT HYD AUX 4500
  • 23.0111-7: KIT, SPOOL FLOAT HYD. VALVE
  • 70.4137: KIT, WEIGHT BAR MID 4500
  • 47.0115: WEIGHT, SUITCASE – 42 LBS W/BOX

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