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The Ventrac MR740 Triplex Reel Mower is designed to be the ultimate trim and surround mower. With a 74″ width of cut, variable speed hydraulics, standard back lapping valves, and offset capability, the Ventrac MR740 includes many features to ensure superior, low-maintenance powered by the all-wheel performance.

When powered by the all-wheel drive Ventrac 4500 tractor with dual wheels, the MR740 can be operated on hills and slopes up to 30 degrees — allowing you to go where no other reel mower can go. You will be amazed at the time and labor you’ll save, and the beauty you’ll leave behind.

Product Benefits
  • Up For The Challenge: With the industry’s best 30-degree slope rating, you can confidently take reels to difficult places greatly reducing walk behind mowing.
  • Heavy Duty & Quality: These heavy duty reels are built to last. You will be amazed by the superior cutting edge retention and life of the bed-knife and reels.
  • Offset Capability: The reels can be offset right and left of center to allow for better trimming around tight turns, and to position the tractor farther from hazards such as water or bunkers for increased safety.
  • Variable Speed Reels: Adjust reel speed to match your conditions. Variable speed motors also feature a bypass allowing you to run just one to two reels at a time should you have narrower trim areas or need to cut surrounds.
  • Sales Model: MR740
  • Full Description: MR, MR740 Reel Mower
  • Product Type: Attachment
  • Product Type: Attachment
  • Attachment Type: Mower
  • Front Mount: Ventrac Mount System
  • 4000 Series Mount: Standard
  • Mower Type: Finish
Mower Specs
  • Cutting Width: 74 in.
  • Discharge Type: Rear
  • Flip-Up Deck: Not Available
  • Cutting Positions: Infinite
  • Cutting Heights (Standard): .3937 – 2.3622 in.
  • Deck Construction: Multi-Gauge .22 in. (56 mm) at spindle mount
  • Deck Suspension: Front Roller (grooved) Rear Roller (smooth)
  • Length: 48 in.
  • Overall Height: 22 in.
  • Overall Width: 84 in.
  • Weight: 613 lb.
  • Length of Tractor with Deck Up: not a flipup deck
Reel Specs
  • Adjustment: Reel to Bedknife
  • Reel Drive: Hydraulic
  • Cutting Units: 3
  • Reel Speed: 0-1600 RPM Standard
  • Backlapping: Standard w/ individual bypass valves
  • Reel Diameter: 7 in.
  • Reel Blades: 7
Accessory Options
  • 23.0111-7: KIT, SPOOL FLOAT HYD. VALVE

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