Branch Manager 53″ HDR Skid Steer Log Grapple

Original price was: $5,999.Current price is: $5,750.


The T4010 HDR Skid Steer Log Grapple Mounts onto all full-size, standard skid steer, and articulating loaders, coming fully assembled and ready to go to work. Stop hurting your back and use the HDR! This grapple saves wear and tear on both your customers’ lawns and your machine.

Key Features:

  • Mounts onto all full size, standard skid steer, and articulating loaders
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use
  • Large 53” opening
  • Sturdy build at 600 lbs.
  • Included Free Features
  • Low Profile Tree Pusher
  • 4″ Rope Bollards
  • Trailer Hitch Receiver with Snap Pin

4 Hose Model:

The 4-hose model is only for machines with 2 auxiliary hydraulics.

The rotator function is achieved via the electric oil diverter. When energized, it switches the oil flow to the rotator instead of the grapple. No messing with levers! Branch Manager™ rotating grapples include an electric kit to wire into your machine.

Hose Gaurd:

Our new rotator hose guard keeps hoses out of harm’s way, protecting them from stray branches, debris, and direct impacts to the grapple!

Pilot Operated Check Valve:

This standard feature of our T4000 series product line will ensure the grapple maintains its grip in the event of a hydraulic line losing pressure. This safety feature becomes especially important on machines with a higher lift height.

Grapple Head:

The grapple head is made of SSAB Strenx® 700 steel, increasing its maximum tensile strength and durability while maintaining a lighter grapple.