Branch Manager 56″ T1036 BMGXR2 Mini Log Grapple


Powered Rotating BMG built with Hardox® Wear Plate!

The original mini skid steer log grapple and log lifter by Branch Manager™ with Hardox® wear plate in the body and arms. Using Hardox® wear plate instead of our standard Grade 50 increases the strength by up to three times while also providing superior abrasion resistance. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Mounts onto all mini-loaders, coming fully assembled and ready to go to work.
  • Large 56″ opening
  • Light weight of 350 lbs.
  • Turn the grapple with powered rotation instead of your machine, saving wear and tear on both your customers’ lawns and your machine!

BMG Grapple Tree Pusher:

The built-in tree pusher allows you to assist felling a stem.

Aggressive teeth help the tree pusher stay on track.

3″ Rope Bollard:

Easily capture the rope mid-line for lifting or directing in tree operations.

Includes Tow Hitch

4 Hose Model:

The rotator function is achieved via the electric oil diverter. When energized, it switches the oil flow to the rotator instead of the grapple. No messing with levers! Branch Manager™ rotating grapples include an electric kit to wire into your machine.