Gardenquake Rear Tine Garden Tiller


The Gardenquake, a rear tine garden tiller by Orec, is powerful, compact, and perfect for gardening. The forward rotating tines work hard to loosen soil and maintain your garden. The Gardenquake will not only break ground, but will break the soil into fine clumps. Working with the right outdoor power equipment can make the difference between a struggling garden and the garden of your dreams!

With its one-clutch lever, you’ll find the operation of The Gardenquake to be simple and user-friendly. Its rough terrain tires keep it moving through mud and rough ground. The Gardenquake has a locking differential feature that forces the wheels of this tiller to move in tandem. This helps the operator to till forward in a straight line with ease. Do you have hard, rocky ground to till? No problem. All you have to do is set its depth adjustment bar to a shallower depth.


  • Depth Adjustment
  • Easy Anchor
  • Honda Engine
  • Differential Lock
  • Engine Guard
  • Loop Handle


Engine Type: Honda (gas)

Displacement: 196 cc

Horsepower: 5.5 hp

Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.3 U.S. qts

Tilling Width: 19.7 in.

Tine Diameter: 13 in.

Rotation Direction: Forward

Transmission: OREC original, chain

Max speed: 0.7mph, 2.8 mph (forward), 0.7mph (reverse)

Length: 67 in.

Width: 23 in.

Height: 49 in.

Weight: 185 lbs