2020 Giant G5000 Z-Bar Wheel Loader

Original price was: $105,000.Current price is: $80,000.


For Sale: Giant G5000 Z-Bar Wheel Loader (75HP)

Year: 2020

SKU: 52869

Drive Train: High driving speed speed (max 22 MPH) and additional pulling force (2-speed)
Electronics: 12V socket, 3 pin to the front
Electronics: 1x work light on boom (standard equipment)
Electronics: Additional work light on boom, halogen
Electronics: Beacon (2)
Electronics: Road lights, halogen
Electronics: Work light behind seat, halogen (2)
Electronics: Work light to the front of safetyroof, halogen (2)
Hitch: Skidsteer standard hydraulic hitch (standard equipment)
Hydraulics – Front: 1x aux DA function in front, mechanical, lever behind joystick (standard eq)
Hydraulics – Front: 1x extra aux DA function in front (proportional, on joystick with memory function)
Hydraulics – Front: Case drain connection (leak oil)
Miscellaneous: 110V engine heating
Miscellaneous: 440 lbs. counter weight, under machine
Miscellaneous: Combination towing hook
Miscellaneous: Towing hook at the back (standard equipment)
Operator’s Protection: Cabin incl. heating, radio & speakers, 2 mirrors, 2 lights front, 2 lights
Operator’s Protection: Mechanically suspended seat, heated
Wheels: 445/45R19.5 Kargo (67″)

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