Giant G5000 Z-Bar Wheel Loader



New Giant G5000 Articulating Wheel Loader.

SKU: 59892

  • High Driving Speed Package (22 mph)
  • Cabin with Heating, AC, Radio, Side View Mirrors, and LED Working Lights
  • Mechanically Suspended Heated Seat
  • LED Working Light on Boom
  • LED Road Lights
  • 1x Aux, DA Mechanical Function in Front, Behind Joystick
  • 2x Aux DA Proportional Functions in Front, on Joystick with Memory
  • Double-side Hydraulic Hold/Detent System
  • 600 lb. Counterweight Under Chassis
  • Towing Hook
  • 445/45R19.5 Kargo (67″) Wheels

The Giant G5000 is equipped with a strong 4-cylinder 75 HP turbo charged Kubota diesel engine with a catalyst (DOC) and particulate filter (DPF). This machine features an optional 2-speed gearbox and heavy planetary final drives that deliver a high pulling force, quick acceleration and a top speed of 22 mph. This Giant G5000 is equipped with a heated cab with AC, that offers a spacious and comfortable working environment. The amazing hydraulic systems and traffic lights make this machine a great fit for fertilizer operations, snow removal purposes, landscaping, construction or farming. This machine comes standard with a universal full size SSL plate and hydraulic quick attach..

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