Giant G3500 X-TRA

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Engine: Kubota V2403-CR-TE5B (4 cylinder), STAGE V
Engine power: 66 HP / 48,5 kW
Fuel: Diesel
-Hitch: GIANT Standard (Hydraulically)

  • Floating position on lifting cylinder(s)
  • ROPS / FOPS safety roof, incl. safety doors left and right and rear window
  • Enclosed cabin with heating and AC, radio & speakers, side view mirrors
  • LED working lights
  • Double acting hydraulic valve at the front (mechanical)
  • Hydraulic hose rupture protection system
  • Single-side hydraulic hold/detent on dual acting function
  • Hydraulic service brake on 4 wheels
  • Mudguard wideners
  • Pro-inching system
  • Luxury sprung seat with safety belt, armrest and extended backrest
  • Towing hook
  • 440 lb. counterweight under chassis
  • Working light on lifting arm
  • LED beacon
  • Cyclone filter
  • Oil cooler
  • 445/45-R19.5 Kargo wheels

Developed as a reliable and compact powerhouse the G3500 X-TRA is ready to go to work. At the same time, a comfortable and safe working environment has been created for easy and accurate operation. The brand-new articulated loader offers contractors, rental companies and governments the flexibility they need to get the job done within a reliable time schedule.

The hydrostatic 4-wheel drive with automotive steering and 100% switchable lock on both, 14-tonne axles, prevents the machine from losing grip and gives sufficient traction for smooth movement.

Due to the fact that construction sites are often very narrow and there is not much room to work, customers have a demand for a maneuverable wheel loader with a narrow wheelbase that can lift and transport heavy loads. The G3500 X-TRA is distinguished by a high tipping load (4,100 kg) compared to its own weight (3,700 kg).

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