GreensGroomer GreensWagon

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The GreensWagon® is the most mower friendly and practical way to transport walk behind greens mowers. Each mower locks up and off the deck of the GreensWagon. The drum, height adjustment roller, and bed knife are protected against damage and assures an accurate cut from the 1st green to the 18th green.

Easy transportation for your walk-behind mowers, without the price tag of OEM units. The GreensWagon adapts to the most common mowers from the Big Three and then some. With an extra wide stance, the GreensWagon provides a stable platform for transport.

The heavy gauge steel construction and durable powder-coat finish will deliver many years of reliable service. The perforated deck makes for easy cleanup too. How can you go wrong with this combination?

The GreensWagon comes with an easy, slide-out ramp. It takes just seconds to pull the ramp out, load your mower, engage the lock-down mechanism, and slide the ramp back in. You’re off to the next green while protecting the drum, height adjustment roller, and bed knives. You’ll be assured an accurate cut from the first green to the eighteenth green!

Standard on the GreensWagon are specially designed wings. These reinforced wheel housings protect the unit from damaging obstacles. As optional equipment, we produced heavy gauge fenders that further protect the unit and control spray.

  • Easy slide-out ramp
  • Quickly load mowers
  • Protects mowers to ensure accurate cut

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