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Although there are many grader boxes on the market today, nothing is as versatile as the GreensGrader. Projects that required multiple pieces of equipment to complete, can now be accomplished with just one.

The GreensGrader is a soil manipulating tool equipped to handle multiple specific operations – Scarifying or loosening the soil, leveling and contouring, raking out debris, breaking up clots, and edging along sidewalks, cart paths, etc. The GreensGrader accomplishes these 5 operations in one piece of equipment, independently or in unison.

The GreensGrader was developed from more than 20 years of thought and on-the-job trial and error. The objective was, and still is, for a machine to perform all of the key operations involved in preparing the soil for seeding and/or sodding. The GreensGrader, as compared to other equipment on today’s market, combines functionality to perform the 5 basic operations to prepare the soil for seeding or sodding in a single unit. The basic requirement for use is a 35-40 HP tractor with category 1 hitch.

  • Strong, spring-loaded scarifying blades are capable of loosening a 6â€� to 8â€� width of soil from 4â€� to 5â€� deep
  • The grader blade is used to shape and level the loosened soil
  • The row of 22 double spring tines are fully retractable
  • Spring action allows you to reverse without raising
  • Heavy-duty roller, when either locked down or In the floating position, pulverizes large & small clots of soil
  • The cart path and sidewalk edger cuts costs on man hours by automatically lowering the grade along edges that are to be sodded
  • The GreensGrader performs its functions by having many retractable parts, allowing them to be used in combination, or as separate operations

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