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Our unique fixed dual grinding heads reduces set up and changeover times, eliminates interference between the grinding head and bed knife, and allows you to grind the top and front faces at the same time.

The grinder is fully enclosed to virtually eliminate dust and noise. The door opens and closes easily.

Distortion free mounting with your chose of bottom support or pivot bolt support pallets.

The table is a single piece, welded from 1/4 inch thick steel plate and precision machined.

The track shafts are induction hardened, turned, ground, polished and hard chrome plated for maximum precision and durability. Then they are mounted directly to the precision machined, all welded steel table.

The door completely encloses the grinder and has polycarbonate panels for good visibility and opens and closes easily. This makes it the quietest bed knife grinder available.

Dual grinding heads eliminate change over from front to top face and helps maintain consistency between bed knives. The motor for the top face head is under the grinding wheel to eliminate interference with awkward bed knives.

The dual 3/4 horsepower, totally enclosed-fan cooled grinding motors provide all the power you will need and are maintenance free.
Your choice is either the V-Pallet (shown bottom), the Bottom Support Pallet (shown top) or adding the Pin Alignment system (middle).

The Bottom Support Pallet is more universal and can mount any bed knife. It grinds the top face of the bed knife parallel to the bottom within .002 inches. This can reduce variations in drag marks on greens.

The Pin Alinment option requires that the bed knife have pivot mounting bolts. It provides a series of nuts that can be set for different bed knives. Precision pins are mounted in the nuts. This will automatically align the front face of the bed knife to the pivot mounting bolt to within .002 inches.

The V-Pallet requires that the bed knife have pivot mounting bolts. It aligns both the front face and the top face of the bed knife to the pivot mounting bolt to within .002 inches.

With over 12 inches of adjustment, the legs let you set the grinder to a comfortable operating height.

The coolant mist system gives optimum cooling while using once through, always clean coolant. This eliminates disposal problems, odor.

• 75 in wide x 40 in deep x 46-58 in high (191 cm x 102 cm x 117-148 cm)

• 40 in carriage travel (102 cm)

• 800 pound shipping weight (500 kg)

• Two 6 x 3 x 1-1/4 cup grinding wheels

• Two 3/4 horsepower, totally enclosed fan cooled grinding motors

• Maintenance free pneumatic carriage drive

• All welded steel table

• Single point grinding wheel in-feeds

• Induction hardened, ground, polished, and hard chrome plated track shafts

• Chrome shaft and ball or v-pallet support the bed knife without distorting it

• Mechanical clamps

• Fully enclosed with polycarbonate panels and easy open door

• Integrated coolant mist system

  • All Welded Table
  • Chromed Track Shafts
  • Fully Enclosed
  • Dual Grinding Heads
  • Pallet System
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Mist Coolant

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