SIP The Ideal 650 Bed Knife Grinder

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Entry level bed knife grinder that outperforms the competitions’ top of the line grinders.

Precise grinding automatically aligns the bed knife mounting pivot bolts parallel to the carriage travel so that both faces are ground parallel to the pivot bolts within .002 inches.

Distortion free mounting with our unique v-support pallet which eliminates any forces which could distort the bed knife while grinding.

Pneumatic Balanced Head uses an air cylinder inside the column provides perfect counterbalance to the weight of the grinding head to prevent the head from dropping and move smoothly up or down.

Chromed Track Shafts are induction hardened, turned, ground, polished and hard chrome plated for maximum precision and durability.

The front shield easily swings out of the way for easy access to the grinder.

The V-Support Pallet requires that the bed knife have pivot mounting bolts. It aligns both the front face and the top face of the bed knife to the pivot mounting bolt to within .002 inches.

The built in diamond dresser helps maintain the grinding wheel.

• 70 in wide x 32 in deep x 60 in high 178 cm x 81 cm x 152 cm)

• 35 in carriage travel 89 cm)

• 500 pound shipping weight 225 kg)

• 6 x 3 x 1-1/4 cup grinding wheels

• 1/2 horsepower, totally enclosed fan cooled grinding motor

• Optional maintenance free pneumatic carriage drive

• Single point grinding wheel in-feeds

• Induction hardened, ground, polished, and hard chrome plated track shafts

• V-pallet support the bed knife without distorting it

• Mechanical clamps

• Front Shield

• Optional Vortec cooling

  • Pneumatic Balanced Head
  • Chromed Track Shafts
  • Front Shield
  • V-Support Pallet
  • Diamond Dresser

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