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Advanced line marking system is based on one cart, the SWOZI cart pro. It can be easily modified to suit virtually all line marking requirements. In combination with the SWOZI paint app, the SWOZI provides for intuitive use and makes tapes and strings a thing of the past. By utilising GPS technology to position and layout sports fields, line marking is carried out effortless, quicker and more accurate.

The base model and proven solution is the most versatile cart at a very attractive value for money. You can mark a sports field in a few minutes. The big wheels make it easy to push.

Even if you do not push straight, the GPS controlled spray arm ensures straight lines.

In stadiums or sports facilities with poor GPS reception you can use the SWOZI with a laser tracker.

  • Android tablet including tablet and mounting kit
  • Access to over 100 sports field templates
  • Automatic line holding
  • Automatic pump control
  • Variable rate painting
  • Sprayhead with line width adjust
  • 3D terrain correction
  • Access to SWOZI cloud
  • Simple sports field surveying

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