T3100 Spreader Sprayer

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The Turfco T3100 is the largest capacity applicator on the market that drives through a 36-inch gate. It’s simple to operate, durable and versatile, allowing you to significantly increase your productivity and making it the perfect choice for operations with multiple crew members. Your new operators can be trained and fully operational in under a week, saving you thousands of dollars in training.  Turfco’s unique drive system and pivoting axle makes it the best unit on hills and eliminates turf tearing. It’s time to grow your business with the most productive riding applicator in the industry.
The T3100 is designed to make your staff more productive and to help you grow your business profitably. Get your crew up to speed faster. Turfco’s unique steering wheel design allows operators to get more consistent results while completing more properties in a day. It easily lines up with your next pass reducing callbacks. It maximizes operator performance and comfort with the industry’s only hands-free speed control.The unique pivoting front axle with steering wheel design makes it the best unit on hills, easiest to operate and eliminates turf tearing. Treat both residential and commercial properties with the only machine that fits through a 36-inch gate and sprays up to 132,000* square feet per fill. Cut your callbacks by staying on target with the only high-velocity, large droplet spray and our unique granular hard trim. Reduce downtime with a time-tested all mechanical drive, no electronics and rugged, easy-to-service design.

Maximize productivity when you add Turfco’s exclusive 3-in-1 Tank, which includes an additional 15 gallon capacity, front-mount spray nozzle and hand wand.

  • Largest capacity applicator that fits through a 36″ gate – now you can cover both residential and commercial properties with better route management and greater profitability – up to 275 lbs of granular and up to 33 gallons with optional 3-In-1 Tank.
  • Get your crew up and running faster with intuitive, easy to operate controls. New operators can be trained and producing in under a week saving you time and thousands of dollars in training.
  • Unique hard trim and application rate controls eliminate off-target prills, while maintaining a matched application rate, to dramatically reduce clean-up time and wasted fertilizer.
  • Optional 3-In-1 Tank increases your profitability and productivity. Cover up to 132,000 sq. ft. or spray a different chemical at the same time with additional front mount nozzle, or spot spray with added hand wand.
  • Adjustable, high-pressure, high-velocity spray system easily adjusts to 4-, 6- or 9-foot widths, applying larger droplets for complete coverage. Standard hand wand for spot applications.
  • Pivoting front axle and unique steering wheel design offers more control on uneven ground and hills, eliminates turf tears, and helps you effortlessly match up each pass.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic operator platform minimizes user strain and fatigue by reducing vibration and shock.

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