T5000 Spreader Sprayer

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The Turfco T5000 applicator is now the most powerful and productive stand-on large area spreader sprayer on the market. The powerful 23 HP engine combined with dual 30-gallon tanks, 13 ft. spray, and 325 lbs of granular capacity, lets you cover more properties in a day. Precision steering and patented boomless design let you navigate tight areas and zoom past obstacles others in its class cannot. Plus, the T5000 is stable on hills and won’t tear up the turf like a zero-turn can. Train new operators in under a week saving thousands in training.

The T5000 is built for larger properties, thanks to a 60-gal sprayer and a 325-lb spreader capacity. Coupled with a powerful 23-hp engine, it delivers speeds up to 7 mph. The steering wheel ensures the operator can accurately match up with their next pass. The intuitive, steering wheel drive system provides unshakable stability on hills, eliminates turf-tearing, and reduces training time—new operators will be rolling in less than a week—saving you thousands of dollars a year.

The unique two-nozzle boomless system delivers an industry-leading spray width of 13 feet. The design also makes it nimbler than spray booms by letting operators glide past obstacles such as signposts and fire hydrants without slowing down. Add on the 3-In-1 Tank and you can cover up to 300,000 sq. ft. per fill.

The T5000 performs both big and small. While powerful enough for large residential and commercial jobs, it still fits through a 48” gate. And with a similar operating system as the T3100 model — operators get up to speed fast, accelerating your productivity.

  • Powerful 23-hp engine, coupled with 60-gal spray and up to 325-lb granular capacity, lets you tackle larger properties.
  • 13 ft. spray system makes it the most productive stand-on in the market.
  • Boomless design eliminates the maneuverability challenges of spray booms, letting you glide past obstacles without slowing down.
  • Train new crew in less than a week with intuitive steering wheel drive system and easy controls.
  • Electric-pump spray system adjusts from 5 to 13 feet, applying larger droplets for complete coverage.
  • Unique hard trim and application rate controls eliminate off-target prills, while maintaining a matched application rate, to dramatically reduce clean-up time and wasted fertilizer.
  • Optional 3-In-1 Tank increases your profitability and productivity. Cover up to 300,000 sq. ft. or spray a different chemical at the same time with additional front mount nozzle, or spot spray with added hand wand.
  • Pivoting front axle and unique steering wheel design offers more control on uneven ground and hills, eliminates turf tears, and helps you effortlessly match up each pass.

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