Turfco Mete-R-Matic XL Topdresser

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The ultimate in topdressing productivity: The Mete-R-Matic XL is part of the industry’s best-known brand in topdressing. At 60.75 cubic feet, the hopper capacity of this topdresser is three-times the size of the Mete-R-Matic III. With less loading and increased efficiency on large turf areas, it delivers the most uniform application in less time.

The Mete-R-Matic XL tow-type topdresser features a patented ground-drive system for hook-up and go ease, a patented Chevron® belt for consistent handling of all types of material, and a large-capacity hopper that can be filled with a front-end loader.

  • Patented ground-drive and Chevron® belt combines for the most consistent and uniform application in the industry.
  • Patented Chevron belt can consistently handle all types of material such as compost, sand, peat, crumb rubber and calcine clays.
  • Larger capacity hopper, that can easily be filled with a front-end loader, requires fewer trips to refill.
  • No engine, no hydraulics, just hook up and go
  • Galvanized hopper (no rusting—or potential rust flakes in topdress material).

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