Turfco Torrent 2 Debris Blower

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Let the NEW Torrent 2 Debris Blower take your cleanup to a new level of productivity. It delivers uprecedented control over air speed, air direction, noise management and fuel consumption. It has both a wireless handheld controller and the optional onboard controls, that feature Turfco’s unique instant idle/resume button and air speed controls. The Torrent 2 features the fastest 360° nozzle rotation and the exclusive patent-pending MagnaPoint Technology that allows you to set the perfect angle every time. It features a heavy duty frame, rugged tongue and adjustable hitch, so it will work easily with most vehicles and is built to last. From grass clippings to aeration cores, pine needles, leaves, and more, it is the perfect year round tool. Schedule your demo today!

  • Optional MagnaPoint Technology allows the operator to get the most productive angle every time
  • Heavy duty frame, rugged tongue, adjustable hitch that easily hooks up your favorite turf vehicles
  • Instant idle up/down & resume gives you more control over noise management and fuel consumption
  • Powerful air volume & superior velocity, and multiple air speed settings that allow for fast adjustments on the fly
  • Optional on-board controls keep you running even without the wireless remote
  • Other features include the fastest nozzle speed (and a nozzle that goes the full 360°), a closed-off deck which reduces debris pickup, and a great warranty.

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