Spring Prep Service Special

Rotary and Reel Mower Equipment

Keep your fleet running in top condition for mowing season with 5% off our regular service pricing PLUS:

Custom Service Plans

We’ll tailor a service program for any machine, no matter the make or model!

All-Inclusive Pricing

Contact us for a full price list. Prices do not include sales tax.

Reel Sharpening

Starting at $250, we sharpen single-head and gang units!

What’s Included?

– Check all switches, controls, and functions

– Replace all fuel, air, and oil filters

– Replace all hydraulic oil and filters

– Check fuel system, lines, and injectors

– Check all batteries and chargers

– Check all belts and hoses

– Check for all oil leaks

– Sharpen or replace all blades, bedknives, and hardware

– Sharpen and relief grind mowers

– Clean and adjust brakes

– Clean radiator and oil cooler

– Clean battery terminals and cable ends

– Flush radiator and refill with new coolant

– Inspect and adjust all cables

– Inspect and lube all rollers and bearings

– Replace spark plugs (gas)

– Test glow plug system (diesel)

– Lube all grease fittings

– Check and top off all fluid levels

– Scrape and clean all decks

– Pressure wash entire unit

– Test-run unit

Sample Service Special Pricing:

$778.00               Ventrac SSV

$2,721.00           Jac HR600

$2,810.00           Jac HR700

$1,414.00           Jac Eclipse 322 Gas

$1,843.00           Ventrac 4500Z W 84″ Contour Deck

$1,403.00           Ventrac 4500Z NO Deck

$980.00               Gravley PT460 W Kaw Engine

$951.00               Gravley PT260 Kaw Engine

$1,973.00           Jac GP400 Gas Engine

$2,743.00           Jac R-311

$3,206.00           Jac LF550 Non Tier 4

$1,906.00           Jac GKIV + Gas

$1,920.00           Jac GKIV Diesel

$2,917.00           Jac R-311 Non Tier 4

$4,248.00           Jac HR-9016 W Kubota engine and Hyd oil change

$3,348.00           Jac LF-550 Tier 4

$3,493.00           Jac HR-800

$2,408.00           Jac AR-522 Tier 4

$3,012.00           Jac R-311 Tier 4

Don’t see your equipment listed here? Contact us for pricing. Prices do not include sales tax.

This special offer expires February 16, 2024!

To take advantage of this special offer, equipment must be in the shop for service by the expiration date.