The Giant G1500 is your best wheel loader option for snow removal. This is Tobroco-Giant’s second smallest wheel loader, and smallest loader that can be equipped with a cab with a heater. The G1500 is 35 inches wide with a standard wheel package, and around 132 inches long with a bucket. This loader comes with a 26 hp Kubota engine, giving it the power to handle extremely heavy snowfalls with a tipping load of 2,296 pounds. Easily clear sidewalks or similarly sized paths/roads and create snowbanks easily with the 100.7-inch lifting height. Add a salt spreader for one-pass snow and ice removal.

MTE also provides HLA Attachments and Blue Diamond Attachments, so you can equip your G1500 with a broom, snow blower, multiple sizes of material buckets, or a snow blade or pusher.  


The 4520 is the newest tractor series from Ventrac and is one of the most versatile options on the market. The 4520 series can be fitted with a heated cabin to completely lock out the winter while Ventrac’s line of attachments make snow removal a sinch. Each tractor can be equipped with a snow broom, snowblower, power bucket, or a straight or V-blade snowplow. This compact tractor will make quick work of any level of snowfall, saving you time and energy. The 4520 are more than capable of handling small and medium sized properties. The compact size increases maneuverability while providing excellent power and efficiency you can’t get from a skid steer.

SSV stands for Sidewalk Snow Vehicle and is the ultimate snow removal and de-icing vehicle. This stand-on skid steer is powered by a 23 hp Vanguard engine and has a tool-free quick attach system so you can adapt as quickly as the weather changes. The SSV can be equipped with a drop spreader, and a brine kit or storage basket. Get the right attachment for the conditions at hand. Equip your SSV with a broom, snow blower, power bucket, or a straight or V-blade snowplow. For operator comfort the SSV comes standard with heated handgrips, and an additional windscreen can be attached.


Orec’s Snow Bull is your best friend for small commercial properties. This walk-behind snow pusher saves time and energy thanks to the 4.8 hp Honda engine. No more sore muscles or dreading heavy, wet snow thanks to the dual track system, adjustable blade angle and height. Get in hard-to-reach places around storefronts, or anywhere a snowblower may damage a window with ease.  

For projects a little too big for the Snow Bull, check out the Snow Rhino. The Snow Rhino is a stand-on, zero-turn, track driven snow pusher. The electric starter guarantees it will start-up no matter how cold it is outside. Conquer hills and curbs with the dual track system and 11hp Honda engine. The snow blade can be raised 9 inches, has 30 degrees of rotation either side, and is spring loaded to absorb the impact from any hidden obstacles.

Does the property you’re managing require spreading salt by hand? Lighten the load with Orec’s Trail Blazer. This track driven material carrier can go anywhere you can, even up a flight of stairs, and with a payload capacity of 650 pounds, you can carry all the bags of salt you need. Save time and energy by offloading the heavy lifting to this capable workhorse.  

Medium Scale Snow Removal (Small parking lots, outdoor plazas, etc.)

Giant’s medium sized wheel loaders are great options for job sites such as small-medium sized parking lots, outdoor plazas, or any property a pickup with a plow would be useful. The G2300, G2500, and G2700 are all extremely capable snow removal machines. Add a heated cabin and even the lowest winter temperatures won’t be an issue. All can be equipped with snowplows and power buckets to quickly and easily move and pile snow while remaining extremely maneuverable, especially compared to a pickup truck. Just like the G1500, these models can be equipped with HLA Attachments and Blue Diamond Attachments, broom, snow blower, or rubber edged snow pusher to preserve the pavement.

Larger Scale Snow Removal (Average-Large Sized Parking Lots)

Giant’s large sized wheel loaders are the best option for commercial snow removal in large areas. These machines are absolute workhorses with 50 hp, 66 hp, and 75 hp Kubota engines respectively, the G2700, G3500, and G5000 can handle it all. The best part is how easy they are to transport, so you don’t have to leave your valuable machines on site. A pickup truck with a 10,000-pound towing capacity can handle all three of these loaders, even the G5000, meaning you can clear multiple sites with just one truck and one machine. Combine the unbeatable performance of a Tobroco-Giant compact loader with a heated cabin, and there will be nothing winter can throw your way you wont be able to face.