Ventrac Equipment

For over 20 years, Ventrac tractors and attachments have been built in Ohio, right here in the same community where we started out. Before Ventrac came along, the founding family spent almost 25 years building agricultural equipment and other compact tractors. This laid the groundwork for the launch of the Ventrac brand in 1996 with the very first Ventrac 4000 series articulated tractor launched shortly after in 1998. Since launching the Ventrac brand, we have been busy! Our tremendous success has helped us grow locally and all around the world. The reasons we continue to grow are plentiful, but it’s all underscored by one common thread: the relentless effort by our founding family, employees and local community. The ability to continue our pursuit is owed to our deep history and its part of what makes Ventrac great today.  

MTE is the #1 Ventrac dealer in the world, and we are proud to bring you one of the most versatile compact tractors on the market today. Ventrac has a wide variety of attachments for both their tractors and skid steers, so you can bring one machine that can handle multiple tasks at a single job site. These machines are extremely easy to transport, operate, and maintain. Ventrac makes machines that last and help make the job easier, whether it’s snow removal, landscape and tree work, or construction, you can be certain that Ventrac has your back.

Ventrac has attachments and accessories for every job any time of the year, including a cab for working in the rain or snow with a heater and windshield wiper. The 4520 series is perfect for mowing season, snow season, and everything in-between. Browse the wide selection of mowers and wheel attachments to conquer any type of foliage and hills up to 30 degrees. The leaf plow, turbine blower, and vacuum system make leaf cleanup super easy. While the power buckets, grapples, and tow hitches make transporting debris and material fast and painless.    

The SSV (Sidewalk Snow Vehicle) is Ventrac’s newest machine and the best option for clearing residential and municipal sidewalks. The SSV has attachments for every type of snowfall. Quickly blast light powder away with the snow broom, clear heavy, wet snow with the power bucket, or use one of the snow blades or the snow blower attachment for the deep snow. The SSV can also be fitted with both a brine kit and salt spreader to tackle and prevent ice. The SSV also comes standard with heated hand grips and can be fitted with a wind screen for added operator comfort.