Compact wheel loaders have been exploding in popularity over recent years as more and more industries discover their advantages over skid-steer and tracked loader options.  Compact wheel loaders, especially those made by GIANT Loaders, are easier on work surfaces, more flexible in application, and keep their footprint small despite their work capacity.  While there are now several options for compact wheel loaders, the Netherlands based Tobroco-Giant has created what we at MTE believe to be the premier option with GIANT loaders.

Tobroco-Giant is a family-owned company founded in Haaren, Netherlands by Toine Brock, who still owns and operates the company to this day along with his children.  Toine began his journey in the equipment industry by building construction and agricultural machines in his parents’ stable in 1996 as a small-time operation.  After the development of the first GIANT wheel loader in 2001 though, it wasn’t long before demand outpaced production capacity and Tobroco-Giant was moved to its current home of Oisterwijk, Netherlands in 2003.  Since this first move, GIANT has seen continuous expansion both in the Netherlands and abroad and now owns additional facilities in Zwolle (NL), Hungary, and Iowa (US) to manufacture and distribute equipment.  The product range of GIANT loaders now includes compact wheel loaders, telescopic loaders, telehandlers, skid-steers, and even full-electric loader options.

The humble beginnings and consistent vision of GIANT under Toine Brock is crucial to understanding why their loaders are so refined.  GIANT loaders are designed for unmatched efficiency, visibility, and work capacity for their size and weight.  The slogan “loaders that lift their weight” is based on the often near 1:1 ratio of tipping load to loader weight that several GIANT models boast.  This kind of performance makes GIANT loaders incredibly efficient, such as the G5000 X-TRA which weighs in at 9,700lbs, well within the towing capacity of many standard pickup trucks and just below the G5000 X-TRA’s tipping load of 9,850lbs. 

Scaling down from the G5000, GIANT also offers the G1200, G1500, and G2200 series which are lighter weight and even more compact for work in tight spaces with incredible capability for their size.

GIANT’s best-in-class strength comes from their consistently high-quality hydraulics systems which are also capable of powering a huge range of industry-standard attachments thanks to their choice of Universal Skid Steer plates for attachments on all their booms.  This makes GIANT compatible with a huge range of implements to accomplish any job with ease, but beyond the choice of implements there’s also the choice of boom to consider.  GIANT has three main boom variations across their line: the Z-Bar, X-TRA, and TELE.  To explain them simply, Z-Bar booms offer a balance of lifting height with tipping load while the X-TRA sacrifices reach for maximum strength and the TELE indicates a telescopic boom option for the greatest reach possible.  GIANT offers a range of telescopic loaders in a variety of sizes, and even has the GT5048 telehandler with crab stance capabilities for those who need a more specialized option.

GIANT pairs these booms with Kubota engines on all their traditional models to ensure reliable operation with excellent parts support for years to come, and then delivers that power to the ground through hydrostatic all wheel drive on a split articulating and oscillating frame.  This allows GIANT loaders to consistently apply traction on all kinds of work surfaces with a tighter turning radius than traditional steering mechanisms and less surface damage than a skid-steer.  These frames are built tough with all steel construction complete with lifting and tie down points to bring your GIANT loader anywhere you need it.

The theme of versatility and flexibility continues even into GIANT’s all electric offerings, such as the G2200E which GIANT proudly introduced in 2019.  With zero emissions and the quietest operation of any wheel loader system, electric loaders are incredibly useful for working indoors or in environments where any noise or emissions pollution would be undesirable.  Don’t be fooled though, they still maintain the strength that GIANT loaders are known for thanks to careful design, intelligently selected components, and heavy-duty construction.

If nothing else is obvious from this article, the attention to detail and strong vision at the head of Tobroco-Giant should be.  GIANT loaders are built to be long term investments which accomplish as much as possible within the smallest footprint for ease of storage, transportation, and operation.  There are many loaders on the market but none which accomplish quite as much quite as intelligently as GIANT.  We at MTE are proud to be a well-stocked GIANT dealer and you can find more information about their specific models here on our website!  Why not make an appointment for a demo and see for yourself what GIANT loaders can do?

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