Winter Service Specials

Keep your fleet running in top condition for spring with 5% off our regular service pricing PLUS:

Custom Service Plans

We’ll tailor a service program for any machine, no matter the make or model!

All-Inclusive Pricing

Contact us for a full price list, prices do not include sales tax.

Reel Sharpening

Starting at $200, we sharpen single-head and gang units!

What’s Included?

– Check all switches, controls, and functions
– Replace all fuel, air, and oil filters
– Replace all hydraulic oil and filters
– Check fuel system, lines, and injectors
– Check all batteries and chargers
– Check all belts and hoses
– Check for all oil leaks
– Sharpen or replace all blades, bedknives, and hardware
– Sharpen and relief grind mowers
– Clean and adjust brakes
– Clean radiator and oil cooler
– Clean battery terminals and cable ends
– Flush radiator and refill with new coolant
– Inspect and adjust all cables
– Inspect and lube all rollers and bearings
– Replace spark plugs (gas)
– Test glow plug system (diesel)
– Lube all grease fittings
– Check and top off all fluid levels
– Scrape and clean all decks
– Pressure wash entire unit
– Test-run unit

Sample Pricing:

Ventrac SSV – $778.00

Ventrac 3000 Series – $1254.00

Ventrac 4000 Series – $1403.00

Gravely Light Duty Zero Turn – $831.00

Gravely Medium Duty Zero Turn – $951.00

Gravely Heavy Duty Zero Turn – $980.00

Smithco Sandstar – $853.00

Smithco Roller – $846.00

Jacobsen LF Series Fairway Mower – $3348.00

Jacobsen Truckster XD – $782.00

Jacobsen Greens Mower – $1973.00

Jacobsen HR600 – $2721.00

Jacobsen HR700 – $2810.00

Jacobsen HR800 – $3493.00

Jacobsen Wide Area Mowers – $3070.00

Jacobsen Eclipse Series – $1414.00

Our specials run until March 1, 2023 so book your service soon!