Giant Loaders G2200 X-TRA HD

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Need a articulated loader for heavy work? The G2200 X-TRA HD is a compact and versatile wheel loader developed for heavy work. The abbreviation HD stands for Heavy Duty and that means that the machine has more pulling power than the G2200 X-TRA. By using a hydrostatic 4 wheel drive with automotive steering and 6 tonne axles, the HD delivers 14,300 N in pulling power. In combination with a reliable, 26 horsepower, Kubota (Stage V) engine, the machine is productive, agile and powerful.

The X-TRA model has a lower front frame, which means that the tipping load of the GIANT articulated loader is considerably higher than that of the G2200 HD. This makes the wheel loader suitable for work within construction and earthmoving.

Engine: Kubota D1105 (3 cylinder), Stage V
Engine power: 26 HP / 19 kW
Fuel: Diesel
Service weight (1): 2,100 kg
Lifting capacity: 1,650 kg
Tipping load (2): 1,450 kg
Lifting height (2): 2,825 mm
Length without bucket: 2,975 mm
Width on standard tires: 1,080 mm
Driving mechanism: Hydrostatic 4 wheel drive with automotive control with 6 tons axles (HD) with pulling force of 14,300 N
Control: Drive back and forward through electrical switch
Differential lock: Axles with limited slip on both axles
Driving hydraulics: 84 ltr/min (350 bar)
Working hydraulics: 45 ltr/min (170 bar)
Driving speed: 0-12 km/h, 0-20 km/h
Parking brake: Drum brakes
Colour: GIANT yellow / GIANT grey / black

(1) Measured with earthbucket
(2) Measured on hinge point in straight position on standard tires

  • 14,300 N pulling force
  • 12.4 mph max speed
  • Hitch: GIANT Standard (Hydraulically)
  • ROPS / FOPS safety roof, incl. safety doors left and right
  • Double acting hydraulic valve at the front (mechanical)
  • Hydraulic servicebreak on 4 wheels
  • Floating position on lifting cylinder(s)
  • Luxury seat with safety belt, armrest and extended backrest
  • Main switch
  • Towing hook at the back
  • Working light on lifting arm
  • Cyclone filter
  • Oil cooler

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