Giant Loaders G5000 TELE

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The G5000 TELE is the perfect telescopic loader to work at height with a maximum lifting height of 4.35 meters for fast and efficient loading and lifting. A comfortable working environment has been created in the cabin of the wheel loader so long working days are no problem. The steering column is fully adjustable and all necessary information can easily be read from a central display. While using the joystick, the operator can rest his arm on ergonomically shaped armrest. All key functions are close to the joystick so that they can be easily operated.

The articulated pendulum joint provides the G5000 TELE a lot of stability and maneuvrability. The system ensures that all four wheels remain on the ground, even when working on uneven terrain. This allows you not only to work safely but there is always sufficient traction.

Engine: Kubota V3307 (4 cylinder),
Engine power: 75 hp / 55 kW
Fuel: Diesel
Service weight (1): 5,200 kg
Lifting capacity: 1,260 kg / 2,800 kg
Tipping load (2): 2,800 kg
Lifting height (2,3): 4,350 mm
Length without bucket: 4,454 mm
Width on standard tires: 1,460 mm
Clearance height (3,4): 2,523 mm
Driving mechanism: Hydrostatic 4 wheel drive with automotive control with 16 tons axles. Heavy planetary end drive.
Control: Drive back and forward through electrical switch
Differential lock: 100% electrical differential lock on both axles
Driving hydraulics: 145 ltr/min (480 bar)
Working hydraulics: 80 ltr/min (230 bar)
Driving speed: 0-10 km/h, 0-20 km/h (with automatic gear) (higher driving speed of 35 km/h is optional)
Parking brake: Hydraulic multidisc brake SAHR
Colour: GIANT yellow / GIANT grey / black

(1) Measured with cabin, operator, full fuel tank and earth bucket
(2) Measured on hinge point in straight position
(3) Measured on standard tires
(4) Measured with standard safety roof

  • Hitch: GIANT Standard (Hydraulically)
  • ROPS / FOPS safety roof, incl. safety doors left and right and rear window
  • Double acting hydraulic valve at the front (mechanical)
  • Hydraulic servicebrake on 4 wheels
  • Hose rupture protection
  • Modular Cylinder Set-up (MCS)
  • Luxury sprung seat with safety belt, armrest and extended backrest
  • Main switch
  • Towing hook at the back
  • 1 Counterweight integrated into the bumper
  • Working light on lifting arm
  • Cyclone filter
  • Oil cooler

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