GreensGroomer miniZapr 36"

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GreensGroomer WorldWide answers the synthetic turf sanitation question with the GreenZapr® and miniZapr®. After launching the two Germicidal UVC units, GreensGroomer recognized the need for truly mobile and affordable sanitation solutions for the indoor/institutional market, including sports fitness facilities, nursing homes/assisted living complexes, food-service operations, and hotel/resort properties. The miniZapr is that solution and provides effective control over harmful pathogens by delivering powerful UVC in an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution.

In some circles, germicidal UVC is a new technology. Few know that it has been used by many other industries that now rely on it for sanitation. Developed heavily in the 1920s, UVC technology is now the primary solution when combating micro-organisms. Air, water, and foods are treated every day across the US to secure these important supplies safely and economically.

  • 8 proprietary, high energy UVC bulbs
  • Hand-held unit with 2 high energy UVC bulbs
  • Powered by an on-board generator (outdoor use) or through a standard 110v wall outlet (with a 50 foot power cord)
  • 36″ working width

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