Smithco Aer-8 Aerifier

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The Smithco Aer-8 System utilizes four different tines to accomplish a range of essential aeration requirements. Available in 60″ and 78″ working widths.

-For 3-Point on 60″ must be able to support 1350lb (613 kg)
-For 3-Point on 78″ must be able to support 1850lb (839 kg)
-Minimum drawbar power of 20 HP (15 kW)
-or tow behind options-
Heavy Duty Vehicle with 4 wheel brakes
Capable of 825 lb (374 kg) tongue weight

  • 7″ (18 cm) TURF-QUAKE tine has a twist and lean which acts like a small spade, lifting and fracturing compacted soil.
  • 7″ (18 cm) ALL-STAR tine is the “ventingâ€� tine, managing surface compaction and maintaining infiltration rates. For fairways, tees, and approach areas and all turf grass sports fields.
  • 6″ (15 cm) AER-FINE tine opens thatch for air and water penetration.
  • CORING tine for top dressing, over seeding or thatch removal.

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