Smithco Spray Star 1200

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An efficient and precise sprayer with highest capacity in class!

    • Industry Leading: While Standard Controls are available, the Spray Star 1200 features industry leading options such as the TeeJetTM Radion Rate Controller, Radion with Dyna-JetTM Pulse Width Modulation, or Smithco’s Star Command II providing consistently less than 2in/5cm corrections, turn compensation, and featuring industry-leading 10in/25cm nozzle spacing offering a 100% greater accuracy than our competitors.
    • Traction Drive: Center mount engine and hydro-pump providing the ultimate in serviceability and balance. Hydrostat allows
      for constant engine RPM providing constant flow and pressure to the spray system for a consistent spray application.
    • Productivity: Optimum efficiency with the largest capacity dedicated sprayer in its class providing a 200-gallon/757-liter low
      profile Elliptical Polypropylene tank with lifetime warranty.
    • Ultra High Flow: The self-priming and corrosion resistant, HyproTM Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump features 90gpm/341lpm providing the capability for high flow applications with superior agitation. Making for a high performance, and cost-efficient pumping system.
    • Cab-Forward Design: Ergonomically designed for superior visibility, handling, and comfort, the Spray Star 1200’s cab-forward design makes the work simple, comfortable, and enjoyable.
    • Engine: Mid-mount 35hp “big block” Vanguard gas engine with hydrostatic traction drive.
    • Highest Capacity In Class: 200 gallon/757 liter capacity spray tank.

    Star Command 3.0 Features:

    • TURN COMPENSATION corrects flow to keep application rates on target through turns as tight as 20 feet. It lets you avoid straight- line applications on contoured area or rates varying as much as 50% from the inside to the outside of a boom. That doubles the application rate on the inside and cuts the outside rate in half.
    • TEN INCH NOZZLE SPACING to cut off-target applications in half. This spacing also allows for more efficacy because of increased overlap of the spray patterns.
    • VIRTUAL, ON-SCREEN NOZZLE CONTROL. TeeJet’s® new job computers operate up to 100 nozzle sections that can be controlled individually. This eliminates the need for extra cabling and job-stopping failure of mechanical switches.
    • THE DYNAJET SYSTEM is also incorporated into the Aeros 9040 controller, eliminating extra cabling and separate controller.
    • TERRASTAR-C PRO significantly reduces Convergence Time, to as little as 90 seconds or less.

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