Wiedenmann Terra Spike XF

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The principle of “time is money” applies now more than ever to professional turf care. Whether it’s an athletic field or a golf course, the amount of time you have at your disposal is becoming increasingly limited while players place ever more exacting demands on the quality of the turf. Regular decompaction and deep aeration are vital to healthy root growth. Breaking up compacted soil allows the roots to penetrate deeper into the ground and make better use of water and nutrients. The flow of water and the air balance are improved, thatch is removed, and the strength of the grass is increased.

In the past, this type of maintenance was extremely time consuming. This has changed. TERRA SPIKE XF deep aerators have revolutionized turf care and set new standards with regard to speed, productivity, and quality of work. Aerify and decompact turf down to a depth of 8 1/2′ at travel speeds up to 3.5 mph, saving up to 60% of the time previously spent on this type of maintenance.

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